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Welcome to Franklin Road Dental Practice

Your Examination

At Franklin House we will make your first visit to us as pleasurable as possible. You will be greeted by a member of our team who will invite you to sit comfortably in our reception area. We have a wide selection of magazines, or you can watch television, to help you feel relaxed.

We will ask you for a completed confidential medical questionnaire and smile wish list, which you are able to downloaded prior to your visit; or ask you to complete them if you have not already done so. This information enables us to treat you safely, and all information given is fully confidential.

Your medical history will be regularly updated and we would ask you to inform us of any new medications or changes, as these may affect your dental health or proposed treatment.

Your smile is the first thing others notice about you. Our SMILE WISH LIST helps us to discuss with you any aspects about your smile that are of concern to you. We can then advise you about the best and most conservative treatments available, so that you can achieve a great smile and boost your confidence. As a dental team we are committed to providing our patients with clear information on all treatments available, so that you can make informed choices regarding your dental health. If you require any further information about our cosmetic treatments or any other part of our services, our team will be happy to help you and answer any questions that you may have.

Your first visit will take the form of an initial assessment and comprehensive examination, and involves far more than just a check-up. Subsequent recall appointments will be of the same high standard.

We will:

  • Take the time to listen to your fears and dental needs, so that we can tailor any treatment required to your individual needs.
  • Assess the general health of your teeth and dental fillings, crowns, dentures etc.
  • Assess the health of your gums and screen for existing gum disease.
  • Examine your tongue, cheeks, lips, glands and jaw.
  • Carry out oral cancer screening
  • Use the intra-oral camera to show you images from inside your mouth, so that you can see what we as the dentist sees.
  • Take low dose digital X-rays when necessary, to provide a full diagnosis of any hidden problems and gain essential additional information.

Once your examination is complete we will provide you with all the information and treatment options you need to make an informed decision about your dental health and smile. We encourage you to ask as many questions as you wish, as this will help you to make the best choices for you regarding your treatment.

We will formulate a treatment plan as a result of your examination and discussion, tailored to your individual needs. The proposed treatment plan will then be discussed with you as regards anticipated results, stages involved, time span and costs, with a full estimate being given before the commencement of treatment.

We would recommend that you attend regularly for recall examinations, as this allows us to spot and prevent potential problems at an early stage. As recommended by the NICE (National Institute for Clinical Excellence) we will advise you of your ideal examination frequency depending on your own specific dental needs.

If you have any questions or require any further information before your first visit our dental team will be happy to help.