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What are they Dentures?

Dentures are one of the available treatments to replace missing teeth, depending on each patients individual needs, the condition of existing teeth and gums the dentist will decide which of the different types of dentures best suit you, If one tooth comes off an existing denture or a tooth needs extracting and adding to your denture, or a denture is broken we may be able to repair this within 1-3 days. However no repair will be as strong or identical as a newly made denture

Type's of Dentures.

Full, upper and lower dentures

A set of full dentures are used when all natural teeth need replacing. Upper dentures replace the top row of teeth and lower dentures replace the bottom row of teeth.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are used when just one or more of your teeth need replacing. They also help maintain the alignment of your remaining teeth and keep them from shifting.

Denture materials can vary, your dentist will help you choose the best design / material for you.

What is the procedure for making a denture?


The process of making a denture will usually require a minimum of 4 visits spaced 2 weeks apart.

(1) First impressions (mould) of patients mouth
(2) Second impression (mould) in a specially made tray & bite registration to make the fit of the denture as accurate as possible
(3)Try in of the artificial teeth in your mouth and any adjustments can be done at this stage
(Please note we often have additional try in appointments if they are required)
(4) Fitting of the denture and make minor adjustments over a period of time


What are the problems with dentures?


As dentures are designed to be removed they will often feel like foreign bodies in your mouth to begin with .They will never be fixed in place but with time and patience you will get used to them, you can use denture adhesive to help keep them in place
Patients have to return to the dentist for minor adjustments if they rub and cause ulcers or are to loose or tight, this is normal, speech can be interfered with to start with but your tongue will adjust with in time.


What does the patient do?


As dentures are removable appliances they have to be taken out and cleaned and this should be done at least twice a day, it is also recommended that you leave the denture out at some point in the day or night to allow your palate to breath, after all you wouldn’t keep your socks on day.
Do not use toothpaste to clean your denture, toothpaste will scratch the plastic of the denture.

If you already have dentures and want to replace them you should be aware no dentures are identical.

The new ones may feel uncomfortable to begin with, but this will be because you are so used to the old ones. With new dentures it will take time and patience, it’s like wearing in a new pair of shoes perseverance is the key!


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